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For the perfect picture on the frame for the cute little young one to pose, the cup & saucer provides the authentic look and serves the purpose. The cup & saucer is taken care during design and made sure it helps the baby to make comfy and cosy to settle. It involves our design inputs and the local craftsmanship to bring out the output you look on. The design on both sides provides more realistic view in the output. You could add some floral and rugs or wraps to make is natural.


Ideal for babies between 0 months to 6 months


Cup - LD x UD x H = 7.5 x 12.5 x 9 (all In Inches)

Plate - Dia - 15 Approximately


1. All the props are designed with the mindful thought process and with the prior experience knowledge considering the safety as the topmost priority of the little young one who will be used along with these props. We strongly insist to use the props only with an adult supervision for the safety of the little one.

2. Viewing of the props in different sources and in different lighting setups can be appearing with a difference. There might be a small variation of the actual prop from what you see in the display picture.

3. Since all the props are handmade it involves multiple steps to arrive at the final output you look now. There will be a slight variation in the two similar products and no two similar products will be identical.

4. All props are made for the purpose of the photography and have no actual functionality of the actual product.

5. Props other than the main prop mentioned in the title are kept for the purpose of setup idea and will not be part of the product.

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